ATB – 3

This module lasts for three days in which the participants explore the principles of ATB and their practical application. They are introduced to how to guide an ATB class and to how to organise an ATB  program building it up in such a way as to address the needs of the individuals of a group as well as the group itself.

The themes we will be working on are the following:

  • Structure Settings: Landscapes constructed with various elements which offer the possibility for self exploration and self knowledge. The participants move through these landscapes walking, on all fours, slithering and climbing over ladders, planks, chairs, stools, etc. The activity requires from the participants an awareness of their own physical boundaries and the physical boundaries of the others.
  • Sticks: Group activity in which the individuals throw and catch bamboo sticks simultaneously. The activity helps to develop the capacity for being in the present moment, it improves the use of the peripheral vision and increases the sense of rhythm.
  • Physical structure exploration: new exercises to deepen the awareness and conscious control of contraction and relaxation in the body.
  • Partial exploration of the Elements Water and Earth to be able to sense the effects of these Elements in the different parts of the being.