ATB – 1

Introductory module

In these two days the participants will have their first contact with the basis of Awareness Through the Body. The themes to be explored are:

  • Attention and Concentration: Exercises to direct and focus attention, and to build up the capacity for concentration.
  • Theoretical and practical exploration to come in contact with the different planes of the being.

  • Breathing: Activities to develop awareness of the breath and how breath affects the different parts of the being.
  • Sensory awareness: Explorations that help to open and refine the senses, allowing the participant to observe the effect they have in the different parts of his/her being.
  • Relaxation: Exercises to enhance the capacity to consciously enter physical, emotional and mental relaxation.
  • Plates: Introspective exercise that leads the participants to experience the existence of an inner and outer space and helps them to be present in both simultaneously.

Prior attendance to the introductory module is required in order to participate in any of the other modules.