ATB Modules

ATB (Awareness Through the Body) intensives are meant for teachers and therapists as well as for people interested in personal growth. In these, introspection is balanced with dynamic and fun activities.

We offer the following modules:

Basic modules

ATB – 1, ATB – 2, ATB – 3,  are interrelated and complement each other. Along with the Basic Tools, they offer a broad base with which one can start implementing Awareness Through the Body. With these intensives one has the basis of ATB. To go deeper into the work, and integrate ATB fully it is necessary to continue with the Advanced modules.

Advanced modules

 ATB 4 and ATB 5 last four days each and build on the information acquired in the Basic modules. The new themes explored in them require deeper introspection and bring a deeper contact with oneself and the world around. They help to go deeper into ATB, integrating it further.


3 Responses to ATB Modules

  1. Punita Kadam says:

    If there is a slot available due to someone dropping out I would like to enrol for the same

    Thank you

  2. Punita Kadam says:

    I Would like to attend the basic intensive workshop happening in September, if there are any dropouts/ cancellations please keep me informed

    Warm regards

  3. Punita Kadam says:

    I have done atb 1 and 2 with Amir in mumbai and would like to repeat 1 and 2 additional to that I would like to do level 3. Please advise.

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