Principles of work and Objectives

Principles of work

  • Be aware of the different planes of the being and their interrelation.
  • Teaching, as well as learning, is always a dialogue.
  • Everything is an opportunity for expanding awareness.
  • Be in the moment without taking anything for granted.
  • Take, give and expect the appropriate amount of responsibility.
  • Find your own pace and inner patterns.
  • Become aware of the inner and outer space simultaneously.
  • Find your own subjective sensory landmarks.


  • Become aware of the witness attitude and begin to cultivate it.
  • Develop awareness of the different levels of consciousness.
  • Develop an awareness of the inner and outer space.
  • Develop awareness of the interactions between the different parts of the being.
  • Understand the use of oneself, and accept one’s own limits and those of others.
  • Develop a heightened sense of respect, responsibility, trust, self-confidence, patience, concern and awareness for one’s own timing or pace and that of others.
  • Enhance concentration and focus, and the capacity for being present.
  • Develop listening for meaning.
  • Develop awareness of the physical structure so as to be able to more effectively use ourselves.
  • Refine the senses, internalise them, and develop the kinaesthetic sense.
  • Develop subjective sensory landmarks.
  • Learn how to explore, understand and manage emotions.
  • Become aware of breathing patterns, their effects on the various parts of the being, and how breath can be used to effect changes within the self.
  • Improve the capacity to adapt and be flexible.
  • Develop a sense of how better to collaborate with others.