Becoming a Facilitator

ATB Certified Facilitator

After finishing the basic and advanced modules, if you would like to become an ATB certified  Facilitator, you will need to start using ATB, either incorporating it in your classes/sessions or practicing it with small groups of friends. Through practise, you will slowly integrate ATB in your being and you will also be able to recognise which parts of ATB have not been assimilated and need to be studied more deeply. From here you will need to attend 120 more hours of ATB intensives by repeating the Basic and Advanced modules .

During the period of practice you will need to keep a logbook of your sessions. A sample sheet can be downloaded from the website. You will need to get in contact with Aloka and Joan and submit some of those for feedback.

According to the feedback received, you can then proceed to submit the following:


Work regularly with ATB exercises on your own or with a partner if needed (like in modelling) to enhance your awareness of how the exercise feels, where it goes and what it brings.  You will need to log 50 hours. A log table can be downloaded from the website.

Practice with groups

Submit 50 hours of session-practice with others – session’s log table. You can choose 25 sessions from the logged practice sessions you have been doing, and add 25 more sessions after you have completed the second round of workshops.


Submit accreditation for a basic anatomy course. Knowledge of the skeleton, muscles, organs and nervous system of the body is indispensable for ATB.

Class plans

From the practice you have been doing, choose 15 sessions and submit them as class plans. An example of a class plan can be downloaded from the website.


Write a paper on ATB. What is ATB for you? How does it affect yourself and your life? What do you think or feel ATB can bring to others/to society?


Having completed the above and when you feel ready for it, you will have to submit a plan for an intensive of four hours minimum, explaining the aim and direction of the intensive. Once we have seen the plan and commented on it, we will arrange the logistics for it to happen.

Be aware that complying with the above does not necessarily imply that you will become a certifies facilitator. You may need to repeat part of the requirements before becoming one.

The ATB Facilitator Certification attests that the person in possession of it is qualified/able to implement ATB programmes, and lead ATB exploratory intensives. However, this certification will not qualify the person to train people to become ATB Certified Facilitators; this is done by an ATB Trainer.

Be aware that Awareness Through the Body does not provide general pedagogical training and if you are not a teacher or a therapist, and want to work with children, you may additionally need to get training in this field.

To keep growing and integrating awareness, even after certification, it is advisable to commit yourself to a daily practice where you explore yourself and grow from the exploration. It might be helpful to enroll in a physical discipline that fosters awareness, such as: Tai chi, Feldenkrais, Hatha yoga, and follow it using the ATB principles.

So… To become a Certified Facilitator, practise, practise, practise, cultivate and integrate awareness in all aspects of your life.


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