Patrizia Mengozzi


Patrizia was born in Bologna, Italy in 1961.

In 1980 she came in contact with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother`s  integral yoga through the Sri Aurobindo Center in Bologna.

After two short visits to the international town of Auroville, she settled there in 1988.

She worked several years in Auroville Centre kindergarten, and deepened the concepts of integral education through reading, study groups and workshops. At the same time she was working in and exploring the body by practicing contemporary dance, hatha yoga and somatic movement.

Her interest in   education, her work with the body, and the perception of the body as a tool for the expansion of consciousness, brought her to follow the training of Awareness Through the body with Aloka and Joan.

Since then, July 2006, she has been teaching ATB in two elementary schools of Auroville: Transition and Deepanam while continuing to explore this path of growth and self awareness.

“ Over the years I have seen (in ATB sessions and workshops) children of all ages coming in contact  with a deeper part of themselves, trusting their perceptions because of what  they experience in their bodies and not by a mental notion or explanation. I believe ATB is a great gift on the journey of life.”

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