Rosa Alemán

INBOX)8642Rosa was born in Murcia, a Mediterranean city in  south Spain. In 1987 she becomes a teacher, and begins working with street kids through theatre, movement and music. In 1988 she moves to Guatemala. She is 20 years old and it is only in Guatemala and after 11 years of work – to help in the recovery of the social tissue of a society damaged by 36 years of war –, where she comes to understand that in order to change this world one needs to begin by changing oneself…

 In 2000  for a couple of years, she travels to North Spain and France visiting and living in several communities.  From here she decides to come to live in India. She travels for four years around India experiencing different types of communities and ashrams. During this period she enjoys nature, people and vipasana meditation courses in the Asian subcontinent.

 In 2007 she settles in Auroville. Here she learns and later on imparts ATB, Awareness Trough the Body”.

 “I felt in Love with ATB since the very first day, when I saw the exhibition pictures for the Presentation of the book in English. The playfulness, joy, lightness that the pictures irradiated; but overall the Light shining through the eyes of the children, as if confirming they were touching through experience a deep and profound part of their Beings.” She remembers.

 During the last 7 years in Auroville,  Rosa has been deepening her experience of ATB and teaching it as well. She has offered workshops in Canary Islands and Spain. She dreams of one day to offer it in Guatemala, and elsewhere in South America, if the opportunity arises. At the moment she is teaching ATB in two Auroville schools, Deepanam and Last School; working weekly with a group of adults on Saturday morning, and exploring spaces where parents and children work together. She also offers ATB one to one at Pitanga.

 She is a passionate experimenter, likes to try in herself whatever she teaches, and this is bringing a great change in her own Being. She says:

 “… ATB is an endless experience, helping me continuously to learn to watch myself, to understand all the connexions linking the different parts of me… it helps me to release more and more old stuff and patterns that are just blocking the blossoming of the Self. As someone said:  “We are the only species on earth capable of preventing our own blooming.”

 The more I teach, the more I un-learn, the more I grow! And this is the best thing!”

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