Nicolas Maraval

Nicolas was born in France in 1982. At the age of 19, after high school and a shortIMG_6028cr professional experience, he started studying on his own by mail, having hence plenty of time to travel extensively around the world, spend a lot of time in nature, and to start practicing martial arts, juggling and climbing, as well as music.

Very interested in philosophy and spirituality, he explored through readings mainy spiritual ways, from greek philosophers to taoism, and discovered the writings of Sri Aurobindo in 2006. Very enthusiastic about his IMG_6211vision of integral yoga, he jumped on the first occasion to go to Auroville and stayed there a couple of months, doing an internship in a farm.

From 2006 to 2010, he studied abroad in Spain and Germany in the fields of biology and ecology, and finally get a Master’s degree in Tropical Forestry. In 2011, he came back to AV for another volunteer period in a forest community. This is when he met Aloka – co-creator of ATB – and heard of ATB for the first time.

In 2013, he settled in the south of France to initiate an eco-habitat, and started praticing and teaching permaculture as a way to live harmoniously with oneself and with nature.

In 2014, he experienced his first ATB workshop in Barcelona. Since then, he followed the ATB training with Joan and Aloka in Spain, France and India.

He was certified ATB facilitator and trainer in Auroville in February 2018.

Nicolas has been trained in different types of bodywork – thai-yoga massage, shiatsu, russian massage – and regularily practices martial arts and music.

Since 2015, he facilites ATB groups of children and adults in France.

« As I see it, ATB is a journey, either still or in mouvement, to find, express and move towards who we really are. I have the feeling that these days, so many people like me are in a great need for  « down to body » consciousness and spiritual evolution tools, and ATB seems to me to be a great one of them. »

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