Maria Celeste Ledesma


I was born in Patagonia Argentina, in the city of Trelew, Chubut on November 26, 1977. I currently live in Puerto Madryn, Chubut.

From a very young age I like to travel, to know new cultures, different ways of seeing and experiencing the world.

I went to study psychology when I was 18 years old to Buenos Aires that is 1,500 km from the city where I was born and where my family lives. During the years of university studies in psychology, I continued to travel, doing yoga, meditation, body language, Afro dance and I entered singing. I love music. I love authentic, genuine contact with other beings. I became aware of this towards the last stage of my studies when one of the teachers asked us to do a paper stating why we had chosen this career. At that time I was volunteering in a Neuropsychiatric Hospital where, even in that context, I felt a deep bond had been generated with one of the inmates who could barely speak. In this instance as well as in other ones, I felt that a true encounter produces interpenetration and always transforms both parties. In order to deliver that paper, I spent one whole night reading the parts of the books that had impacted me and awaken my spirit, understanding that in all of them there was a common denominator; existential questions, search, and concerns that had been dormant in me since I can remember.IMG_4247

After graduating, more than fifteen years ago, I continued to do postgraduate training in Argentina, Chile and Spain, specializing in Systemic Family Therapy. I got diplomas in Holistic Approach to Health and Illness, Gestalt, Cognitive therapy, EMDR, Mindfulness and different techniques for working with trauma. I continued travelling, doing yoga as well as working as a psychologist with different institutions, in different populations and in private consultation.


At a very particular moment of my life I went to Auroville and half by chance, if it exists, I did my first ATB workshop. At that moment I felt with all my being that this condensed many knowledge / feelings that had been fragmented, without a thread, and that without any doubt, this  was where I wanted to transit.

From that moment I began to travel, year after year, doing more than 11 000 km to train with Aloka and Joan who have been and are my teachers in the broad sense of the word and also the not-word, because as they often say: we must remember that language is limited and open to other perceptions.

Currently I continue working as a psychologist in different fields and I teach ATB group workshops with adults.


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