Trainers & Facilitators

Trainers and Certified Facilitators

The following are Awareness Through the Body Trainers and Certified facilitators whom you can contact to implement ATB programmes in schools, lead ATB intensives and ATB sessions.


Basic and Advanced trainers (All the ATB modules)

India – Auroville, Spain, France and Ireland

Aloka Martí and Joan Sala – e-mail:

Basic Trainers ( Basic modules: ATB 1, Basic tools of ATB, ATB 2, ATB 3)

Auroville, India and USA.

Amir Azulai – e-mail:

Auroville, Italy and Argentina

Francesco Colturi – e-mail:

Auroville, Argentina, Brasil Colombia and Guatemala

Rosa Alemán – e-mail:

Trainers for ATB 1 & ATB 2 modules



Nicolas Maraval – e-mail:


Valérie Laville – e-mail:

Paris region

Sébastien Rabbé – e-mail:


Maria Celeste Ledesma – e-mail:


Karin van der Plass – e-mail:;;  website:

Catalonia & Spain

Ignasi Salvatella – e-mail:

Certified Facilitators

In India – Auroville

Patrizia Mengozzi –  e-mail:

Stefania Savardi – e-mail: