Trainers & Facilitators

Trainers and Certified Facilitators’s List

The following are Awareness Through the Body trainers and Certified facilitators whom you can contact to implement ATB programmes in schools, lead ATB workshops and ATB sessions.


In India – Auroville

To give Basic and Advanced training (All the ATB modules)

Aloka Martí and Joan Sala – e-mail:

In addition of giving training workshops in Auroville,  Aloka Martí and Joan Sala are also giving courses in France, Ireland and Spain.

To give Basic Training ( Basic modules: ATB 1, Basic tools of ATB, ATB 2, ATB 3)

Amir Azulai – e-mail:

Francesco Colturi – e-mail:

Rosa Alemán – e-mail:

To give ATB 1 Training

Nicolas Maraval – e-mail:

Valérie Laville – e-mail:

Maria Celeste Ledesma – e-mail:

Certified Facilitators

In India – Auroville

Amir Azulay –  e-mail:

Francesco Colturi – e-mail:

Patrizia Mengozzi –  e-mail:

Rosa Alemán – e-mail:

In Holland – Soest

Karin van der Plass – e-mail:;;  website:

In Argentina – Puerto Madryn, Chubut

Maria Celeste Ledesma – e-mail:

In Italia – Bormio

Francesco Colturi –  Phone:3662406203

In France

South west – Toulouse Region

Nicolas Maraval – e-mail:

North west – Bretagne

Valérie Laville – e-mail:

In Catalonia and Spain

Ignasi Salvatella – e-mail:


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