Autumn – 2018


Series of exploratory workshops

facilitated in Spanish by

Rosa Alemán and Francesco Colturi ATB certified facilitators

taking place in:


Buenos Aires

Exploratory one-day workshop

 September 9th (Sunday) – Observing the parts of the being

People interested contact Macarena by mail: or by Whatzapp: +5491169465219

Mar de la Plata

Exploratory one-day workshops

September 22nd (Saturday) – Observing the parts of the being

 September 23rd (Sunday) – Basic tools for life

People interested contact Veronica Elias via e-mail: or via Whatzapp: +5492234562327



September 29th and 30th (Saturday and Sunday)

October 6th (Saturday)

October 7th (Sunday)

ATB weekend

People interested contact Maria Copello via e-mail: or through Whatzapp: +5492804404688



November 3rd and 4th (Saturday and Sunday)

ATB weekend

People interested contact Sabrina Hevia via e-mail:


ATB Residential Training Workshop

November 19th through 25th (from Monday to Sunday

(ATB1, ATB2 and Basic Tools of ATB)

taking place in:

Sierra de cordoba

Ashram Piedras del Sol

For informations or subscriptions write to:  or

If you want to have a look to the place that will be hosting the training visit the website: